The highest compliment a meal can receive in my family is when the diners proclaim, "Good Cook Doris". I enjoy cooking and coming up with fun new meals.  Inspired by the great cooks in my family, great meals out, and my travels, I love to experiment in the kitchen and cook up new ideas. My ingredient list is usually filled with local, seasonal goodies picked up from the farmers markets.

I am a graduate of Boston University and work full time in marketing and admissions in higher education. Whether it’s family gatherings, vacations, dinners at home, holiday parties, or just a regular weekend, my goal is to make the food a part of the experience. In my spare time I visit farmers markets for interesting ingredients, eat at delicious local restaurants, drive for food, and even finds time to fit in a little exercise. I hold a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Gastronomy from Boston University and am cooking up a plan to make my passion for all things food-related a full-time adventure.

When I'm not home to cook up a tasty meal, my hubby fills in with his column, "When He Fends For Himself".  He is also a talented haiku writer and contributes food inspired haikus.

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

Is your name really Doris?
No - every great cook in my family is Doris! My Aunt Shirley’s family had a tradition of saying “Good Cook Doris!” after great meals. It turns out that back in the ‘50’s, there was a bread commercial where a little girl makes a little boy a sandwich, and he says “You’re a good cook Doris!” My aunt brought the tradition over to our family and since I was a toddler, every family meal has ended with a rousing “Good Cook Doris!” Inspired by the good cooks in my family, I gladly carry on the moniker and hope my cooking lives up to the delicious family standard.

Question 2: What’s your angle?
Creative Cook, Food Blogger, and Local Food enthusiast.

My approach to blogging is simple, I love to take inspiration from cookbooks, restaurants, and friends and family and get creative in the kitchen. I challenge myself to use local ingredients and try out new-to-me techniques, recipes, and ingredients. My blog is a place to record my successes, my not-so-successful dishes, and my travels. It’s also a place where I share the stories of who grows the ingredients I cook with, the local farmers market scene, and how it really is possible to eat local and seasonal year-round. Every so often you’ll see a guest post from a great cook who has influenced my cooking. You won’t find true restaurant reviews, but sometimes I have such a fabulous experience out that I want to document the experience for the blog. The bottom line is that food = fun and the blog is my way to share that fun with you!


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