Thursday, May 30, 2013

Boston Brunchers: BOKX 109 American Prime in Newton, MA

Brunch might be my favorite meal. I love finding new and interesting takes on brunch food - and our trip to BOKX 109 American Prime delivered! Thanks to the Boston Brunchers, the hubby, little guy and I headed to Newton for a delicious brunch experience.

BOKX 109 American Prime is located in the Hotel Indigo right next to Riverside Station. It is easily accessible by the Mass Pike, Route 16 and Route 30 (perfect for us suburbanites). For city-dwellers, it's an easy ride out on the Green Line D branch. The restaurant is located on the lower level and opens out into the pool area. 

We started with a round of drinks - mimosa, fresh squeezed orange juice, and water. As we settled in to our comfortable seats overlooking the pool, it was hard to decide on our meal choices.

Our server was attentive, but laid-back, giving us time to decide if we were going to go with lunch or breakfast items. We ordered and then sat back to relax and wait for our food to be freshly prepared. We did not have to wait long, the chef sent out a special amuse bouche that definitely woke up our palates.

The pear and mascarpone sacchetti (handmade purses of fresh pasta) were the perfect mix of sweet and savory. The adult plates were presented with a smoke-filled glass bowl on top, which let out a wonderful smell when lifted. The little guy's plate was sans-smoke, but that didn't seem to get in the way of his enjoyment.

For entrees, the hubby and I chose two different egg dishes. For my entree, I opted for the Filet and Eggs Benedict. There were so many good flavors - the perfectly medium steak, rich runny egg yolk, white truffle, and bearnaise on top of grilled ciabatta. I am not normally an eggs benedict fan, but this won me over. The confit potatoes were rich and creamy.

The hubby normally opts for a sweet breakfast, but the pancake and french toast options were a little over the top for him. He chose the Steak Bomblette - a frittata style omelet with tenderloin, smoked gouda, mushrooms and carmelized onions. The bomblette was also topped with a drizzle of balsamic. This was an eight inch flavor bomb! The only thing missing was a good piece of toast on the side.

The little guy didn't need his own entree. But if we let him, he might have eaten all of that bomblette! An order of the fresh fruit plate rounded out his meal. The large square plate had melons, grapes, berries, and pineapple. On the side was a seasonal sorbet (peach/mango) and an unnecessarily large bowl of Champagne sabayon. We  thought maybe they gave us the whole batch instead of an individual serving because the label was still on the serving bowl! Either way, it was wonderful.

To our surprise, the meal ended with a huge green apple cotton candy!! As soon as we saw it coming, the hubby and I looked at each other and thought - parenting dilemma! How can we explain to a toddler that this is mommy and daddy's pure sugar treat, and you can't have any. 

Well, we let him touch it but told him he couldn't eat it. Below is what happened when he put his hand in his mouth and figured out we were trying to pull a fast one on him.

Thanks to Boston Brunchers and BOKX 109 for a great brunch! The service, food, and atmosphere were wonderful and we hope to make it back again soon!

Disclaimer: I entered a contest to win free brunch for two at BOKX 109 through Boston Brunchers. The meal was free, but we tipped our excellent server. All opinions are honest reflect our experience at brunch during this visit. 


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