Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Kugel Muffins - Happy New Year!

As promised, here are photos of the apple kugel muffins. I picked up some local apples at the farmers' market today and promptly used them up!

I was rushing through the recipe and accidentally confused tablespoons with teaspoons. That meant that I added in a little too much cinnamon (can't be too bad). I would have added too much almond extract, but there wasn't enough left in the bottle.

Make sure to heavily grease your muffin tin (or use muffin tin liners) - these have a tendency to stick a little.

Here's a nice view of the inside. The apples get soft and spread out into every bite. I give these 2 days before we eat them all!

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  1. I hate when I do silly things like that when I'm in a hurry. You should have seen what happened to one pan of my zucchini cupcakes yesterday. As I was putting them in the oven, I didn't quite put the pan on the rack, and they all dumped out onto the open oven door! Good thing there was a lot more batter!

    I love the big apple chunks in these! Thanks for posting pictures!


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