Thursday, March 3, 2011

When He Fends For Himself: Freedom Pancakes

I believe in this space it's been noted that I make breakfast on the weekend from time to time. The past two weekends the wife has convinced me to put something together in the morning 3 out of 4 days. My repertoire is just eggs, pancakes, and french Toast. I don't put much thought into sides like toast, fruit, or potatoes. All you're gonna get is the main dish.

With that being said, I present you an actual creative breakfast. The wife asked me, "What will we have for breakfast? Pancakes? French Toast?" And I thought, "....both." Not surprisingly, we don't have pancake mix in the house so I had to open up The Joy of Cooking and create the batter from scratch! Making the pancakes was pretty simple and I was confident they would turn out tasty because I added some Mexican vanilla and some cinnamon.

Now it was time to make the French toast and here is where I kicked it up a notch. Instead of taking out the loaf of bread I used the pancakes instead. That's right. I took out a couple of eggs, mixed them in a bowl, and started dipping the cooled pancakes. I learned pretty early in the process that you need to give the pancakes a good soak in the egg. The pancakes aren't as porous as a slice of bread so you need to allow time to let the egg penetrate the smooth surface. After that, the pancakes went back into the frying pan and out came pancake French toast.

I thought the "pancake French toast" name was kind of lame. Even though I thought the trend to replace "French" with "Freedom" when France was initially against the invasion in Iraq was detestable, I decided on naming my creation "Freedom Pancakes" as an ironic joke. In the end, the name didn't matter because they turned out to be really good! I was kind of surprised and quite pleased. You should totally try this!

Because it was so good I started thinking of what else I could do. Step 1, make pancakes. Step 2, make French toast of them. Step 3? Who knows! But it reminded me of this SNL sketch and made me laugh.




  1. Well now this is quite the interesting little concoction ;)

  2. Lara, I think your hubby may be a genius! French toast pancake? Awesome. Simply awesome.

  3. this is a GREAT idea....Im beyond intrigued and totally will be trying these out!

  4. Very inventive! Makes me wonder what else can be used instead of bread for French toast...muffins, cake, fruit?! You hubby is definitely onto something!

  5. I felt bloated just watching that! Too Funny. Love the idea of "Freedom pancake/toast" unfortunately, we never have any pancakes leftover.

  6. Thanks for the comments all - he had a great time making these! As long as we don't have the Taco Town concoction....I think we'll be ok!

  7. Such a great idea!!!

    Thanks for sharing your blog info on the My Baking Addiction Facebook page! Can’t wait to see more of your creations!


  8. Really great idea. And great video post it. I like all the activities.

  9. very testy food. i will try to home my home base. and great video shoot.

  10. Great post - and that taco town skit is one of my favorite snl shorts of all time....
    Pizza? now that's what I call a Taco!

  11. very testy food. i will try to home my home base. and great video shoot.


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