Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oscar Night Festivities

With a 4+ hour night of Oscar watching (including red carpet coverage), you need more than just a one dish meal to make it through. My dining partner was sleeping, so I could eat it all myself! I started with a Cucumber Cooler (recipe below) while I prepared the meal. Next - a little mixed greens salad to feel healthy. On the side was a deconstructed bruschetta with toasted baguette, mixed olives, peppadew peppers, and brie cheese. After about an hour, a little more nourishment with a baked yukon gold potato with a little brie cheese and chopped sundried tomatoes. Perfect for grazing - no labor intesive cooking - and quite satisfying! See more pictures in the album to the right.

Good Cook Doris' Cucumber Cooler
About a 1 inch piece of english seedless cucumber, chopped into small pieces
Vodka (your choice on the amount)
Lime flavored sparkling water
Sugar (just a splash)
Slice of cucumber for garnish

Muddle the cucumbers in the bottom of a glass with sugar
Fill with ice
Add vodka
Fill glass with sparkling water
Garnish with cucumber and enjoy! (I didn't use enough ice in mine - see below)

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