Monday, June 29, 2009

Farmer's Market Finds - Part 2

This year at the Farmer's Market there are some old favorites and some new vendors that I love! My go to lunch is the Goat Cheese picnic - a 3 oz. tub of marinated goat cheese, six slices of french peasant bread, and a bag of trail mix. They give you a coupon each week (I love coupons almost as much as I love free samples). I always eat about half the cheese (because I feel better about eating the dessert I buy myself) and have the rest left over to use for breakfast.

My new favorite vendor is Nantucket Wild Gourmet. The guy is really nice and they have free samples. Last week I picked up some smoked sable (black cod) and it was fabulous. This week I decided to go for the smoked salmon. We weren't disappointed!

After last night's steak dinner, we still had some veggies leftover. Using all these fun farmer's market finds, I made an omelet with the veggies and marinated goat cheese. I've previously posted on omelet making, check the post for details.

We put the smoked salmon on toasted sesame bagels with cream cheese. Served with OJ and a hot cup of coffee it was better than anything at the corner deli.

Stay tuned for another post with the farmer's market finds and another installment of "When He Fends for Himself".

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