Monday, August 17, 2009

The Real Doris

Well, not quite the real Doris, but very close! The inspiration for the blog name is a family saying "Good Cook Doris". Every time we have a great a great meal the cook is complimented with a rousing "Good Cook Doris!" When we went home for wedding #3, we were treated to a one of my grandma's signature meals. Sorry to the family members that missed out.

First course was rye bread and a big salad with all the goodies (peppers, yellow tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots). I had green goddess dressing (although the Ozzie Smith onion dressing did look good).

Next up, breaded veal cutlets and spaghetti. Normally the spaghetti is served with red sauce. This summer version had pesto. Can you taste the garlicky goodness?

The meal was followed up with delicious kamish bread and mun cookies (poppyseed) baked my grandpa.

Stay tuned for more recipes!

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