Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Preview

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I scheduled, organized, and planned out my cooking and now have a few hours to spare before the guests come over. Here's a preview of some of our dishes! The menu is an assortment of family favorites, new recipes, and my favorites! A full post will come later - after the food coma has passed. For now, here are some pictures to get you in the mood for Thanksgiving.

First up, appetizers. Spinach balls (with fresh spinach) and Beet-pickled deviled eggs:

Next up - sides! My grandmother's famous dressing, roasted maple-ginger veggies, brown sugar baked sweet potatoes and acorn squash, and jellied cranberry sauce with fuji apple.


And last, but not least, dessert! Homemade pecan pie and a pumpkin pie (made with red kuri squash).


  1. Looks amazing! Was just telling Carissa I was impressed you both were able to post pix the same day! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. Ha ha. You do exactly what I do with all the magazines and cookbooks. Planning takes a lot!!

    All those dishes look great!

  3. Jim thinks you should open a restraunt and I think you should cook for us the next time we are in town. These dishes look amazing and I heard they tasted even better! Yum.....

  4. All the food looks very delicious. I love that pecan pie...mmm.


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